Strategic Outreach

Managing Change Via Communications


Author of B-to-B Issues = Opportunities Blog

“Change is inevitable. Success is not.”

I am a communications director focused on strategies and messaging that help internal and/or external audiences in large organizations understand major changes, including :

  • game-changing industry transformations
  • disruptive organizational change
  • emerging technology
  • integration of employees during acquisition

Writing skills are at the core of my work; my 15+ years of marketing and change-management communication experience enhances these skills.

For Providence Health & Services, I spent two years at the system HQ in Seattle directing the 5-state communications team during the multi-year conversion of our healthcare system (Washington, Oregon, Montana, California and Alaska) to an integrated Electronic Health Record (EHR). One of the largest Epic EHR implementations of its kind in the U.S., it has included 28 hospitals and hundreds of clinics going live over the last three years.

Back in Los Angeles now, I have managed communications during the integration of acquired hospitals and medical groups as Providence continues to expand.

This blog is intended as a forum for ideas and experiences related to change management communications and other strategic outreach;  the views expressed are mine and are not made on behalf of Providence Health & Services.

-David Gordon Schmidt


Music history and piano music fans: my for-fun audioblog lets you hear recording session innovations in the 1960s. My improvised piano music is also available there.



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